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Laser Artisans works with numerous materials as etching media. These include black and green marble, Black Absolute Granite, slate, glass and acrylic. Other colors of marble can be accommodated on a custom basis. Samples have to be provided for testing purposes as some marbles are highly reflective to laser light and are not good candidates for etching.

Tile shapes include rectangular, square, round, oval and heart shaped. Contact us for specific sizes and availability.

Other items we stock are various award plaques, pen and pencil sets, cube paperweights, coasters with coaster caddies and much more.

We also create custom edge-lit signage and photographs using long lasting LED light sources projecting onto the edge of glass or acrylic media. This creates a dramatic 3D effect with the image that seems to float in mid air.

Pet and personal memorial stones are created using 2” thick Black Absolute Granite.  Our prices are considerably less than those charged by memorial companies and the quality and attention to detail is far superior.


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