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Using state-of-the-art technology, laser etching relies on controlled pulses of light that are directed through a series of mirrors onto a piece of stone, tile, marble, granite, glass, mirror, slate, wood or Corian. The “pulse” creates tiny craters in the material, resulting in an identical, monochromatic image that looks like a grayscale or black-and-white photograph of the original image. For a richer look, hand coloring is available.

This process creates elegant and dramatic works of art as well as lasting memories on a variety of permanent canvases, right before your eyes. All that’s needed is the artwork, photograph or graphic – hard copy or digital – and in most cases a few minutes of your time.  Large custom murals and backsplashes will take longer. You can pick up the finished product at one of our retail locations or have it shipped directly to you.

Just complete the order form and email us your digital image or send your hard copy photograph via regular insured mail.   Laser Artisans will not be held responsible for customer photos lost in the mail.



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